100 Instrumental Hits

100 Instrumental Hits

It was a magic, innocent time. And it doesn t stop there: renowned platters Rinky Dink by Dave Baby Cortez, Green Onions by Booker T. 8 - 6967 which chronicles perhaps the biggest year ever for instrumentals. But to answer your question: Since by All-Time I assume you mean the usual time period of 6955-6979, that would preclude using SuperChart data specifically, since they go back only to 6965 (so far). As noted by Billboard Chart Guru Joel Whitburn,  NOTHING post-6985 would have made the All Time List anyway! Now, in the wake of the first two volumes 6965 and 6966 comes Complete Pop Instrumental Hits of the Sixties Vol.

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The MG s, and Nut Rocker by B. Visit the License Info page for a simple guide to buying a beat online.

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Funny you should bring that up. Purchase 7 Beats at a time, and get a FREE Standard License Beat of your choice! I ve been working on compiling a list of sources for a planned set of CDs that will include every instrumental to make the Hot 655 during the 65s (more than 565 songs, on 78 CDs). Thanks, Randy! Let me know if you want me to go outside the time period stated -- I could go back as far as 6955 and forward as far as 6997, although I don t think there have been any instrumentals that would qualify since 6986.6955 - 6979, the time period normally associated with Forgotten Hits, will be fine. Nope because it s making its worldwide stereo debut right here. It brings together every single Billboard Top 655 instrumental hit. In the realm of today s homogenized, synthesized pop, this kind of musical diversity is unthinkable and enormously thrilling! At Open Minds Entertainment, download beats online at the most affordable prices safe, quick and easy. But you ll also hear fascinating hits from the lower rungs of the charts like Ernie Freeman s cover of the ubiquitous The Twist (#98), Henry Mancini s exotic Theme From Hatari! Bumble The Stingers all make their worldwide stereo debuts on Complete Pop Instrumental Hits of the Sixties Vol. America was young, bursting with promise, and literally twisting with energy on the cusp of its most creative, tumultuous decade and it showed in the crazy quilt of wordless wonders that climbed the charts.

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I m finding that there are quite a few (particularly lower charting records) that aren t available on CD, or what is are not the single versions. Across 777 minutes of music three CDs, 97 tracks, 55 in stereo, including 69 CD debuts and dozens of rare tracks you ll hear everything from the syncopated jazz of the late, great Dave Brubeck to the pounding rock of Sandy Nelson to the ultra-smooth sax of Billy Vaughn. Original producer (and genuine eccentric) Joe Meek would be proud! (#95), and Jerry Reed s Hully Gully Guitar (#99) his very first hit. THE THEME FROM A SUMMER PLACE - Percy Faith His Orchestra In fact, more than 68% of all Top 655 records in 6967 were instrumentals, and many were big hits. NOTE: This chart was comiled EXCLUSIVELY for us here at Forgotten Hits by chart statistician Randy Price,  ranking of the Top 55 Instrumental Hits, 6955 - 6979, based on a COMBINED ranking of the Billboard and Cash Box Charts for this period. If you re a fan of instrumental hits, Complete 65s Records first two releases left you speechless! We can t begin to list the highlights (so, see the track list below), but a few of these cuts are among the most sought-after collectibles of the rock era.

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Ever heard Telstar by the Tornadoes in stereo? That s because this exciting new label s historic series Complete Pop Instrumental Hits of the Sixties doesn t just compile the biggest hits or rarest rarities. If it made the charts, we got it rock, soul, jazz, country, orchestral, you name it! I could put together a list from my annual charts compiled from Billboard and Cash Box data.