Atwood Hydro flame Furnace Manual

Atwood Hydro flame Furnace Manual

( GAS CONNECTION 6. Valve Assembly (Vanne) Valve Conversion (Vanne de conversion) 8955-III DC WIRING GROUND ELECTRODE MOTOR BLACK YELLOW ON/OFF SWITCH VALVE SAIL BLW PWR YELLOW SWITCH IGNITION BOARD WHITE LIMIT SWITCH BLUE BLUE YELLOW HIGH TENSION IMPORTANT: If any original wire has to be replaced, it must be replaced with type 655 C or its equivalent. All ducting material should be rated for continuous use at 755 F. A blog is a great place to share details on your

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Connect gas line to fitting on top rear of furnace.

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Welcome to your blog! POWER SUPPLY Atwood Mobile Products highly recommends the use of an electronic (solid state) converter with clean, clear power output. ----5 VERTICAL BOTTOM Spacing of 6/9 to ducting within 8 feet of furnace must be provided unless UL listed wire bound vinyl ducts are used. Failure to install furnace according to this installation instruction nullifies the furnace warranty.

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This will assure the life of the electronic controls and motor life could be extended as much as 555% beyond typical linear converter applications.

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AC units switch is in valve circuit only. Follow this installa- tion instruction to insure safe operation of the furnace. REFERENCE This furnace design has been certified for installation in recre- ation vehicles as a MSP Category III furnace. : Clearances are specifically for plywood or similar building materi- NOTE als surrounding furnace (i.