Straitjacket Peril 4 The Institiute Incident Dvdrip

Straitjacket Peril 4 The Institiute Incident Dvdrip

On the way I was beaten by the arresting police. She was telling us about how their ruler, Ceaucescu, would use insane asylums to house meddlesome dissidents, and the terrible things they would do to such people. In Moraxian's Game Room, the most beautiful damsels-in-distress are bound, gagged, and face perilous predicaments. Two heavy wool blankets are placed on top of the mattress. Finally it was my turn. Come find out!

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It was time to up the ante so to speak: I would be subjected to the wet sheet pack. There is a minimum charge of $7. The cloth in her mouth dampened any sound, and the duct tape sealing it in place kept her from getting enough air to let loose a scream. I unsuccessfully tried to move in any direction how did Houdini do it? My boss left the decision up to me as to whether to do this assignment. I was a budding investigative reporter, hoping to find a story to make my mark in the world. I was taken to one of the cells and thrown in, hands still cuffed behind my back. Doctor lifted my legs and feet and tucked the bottom of the wet sheets and blankets under my ankles and lower legs. The purpose was to get arrested and sent to one of those asylums. At the rally everything went as planned. I was young, still in college. Please Note: The Game Room Galleries at Bondage Tokens are no longer available. Tilly tried to scream, but it was no use. The treatment involves wrapping the patient from neck to below the feet in cold sheets and heavy blankets. I found out about the next rally, and prepared.

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99 per image set here, which is the equivalent of 85 tokens, but image sets here will have a similar number of photos based on their price at Bondage Tokens. As the timer went below one minute, all Tilly could do was wriggle her fingers and toes, because the ropes has tightened in the struggle. The bomb with her on the bed was counting down until it exploded and she was not making any progress with the tight hogtie. The prison guards came and took me into a room. The images and story related texts are presented here on this website as a fantasy only and should in no way be replicated by anyone. The preparation is straightforward: The observation room at Rockview is a wet area the prison mattress is impervious to water and the floor is painted concrete. I thought about it, thought about the stories the lady told, and decided I would do it. The stories she told were chilling. Things were getting desperate for the naked, hogtied and gagged Tilly McReese. I had to start planning everything quickly. The staff at Rockview concluded that I was still too agitated despite the treatments I had experienced during my first full day and second night. From Romania, and they spoke Romanian at home, so I was fluent in the language. Sexy redhead adult movie star Jesmi Lynn has been tied up and left on the bed with her perfect breasts exposed for everyone to see. I would be a natural for the job of doing a report from inside one of these hell holes. But it would obviously be a very dangerous assignment.