Wisconsin Vf4d Engine Coil testing

Wisconsin Vf4d Engine Coil testing

New replacement coil, Made in Argentina not china like most others you see on the web or at your local store Also is the magneto mechanism lining up right with the spark plug towers in the cap? Has the cap been replaced? We build gasoline, LP and NG fueled, air-cooled and water-cooled engines. Thank you for visiting Wisconsin Engines, LLC on the internet. I would assume so if the coil was replaced.

Wisconsin vh4d coil

Your opinion is important to us! Let us know what you think by writing a review about this product. If using a spark plug, try several, as even a new spark plug can be bad out of the box and can short through the insulator. How is it being checked for spark? Have you checked to see if the coil is producing the spark before the cap?

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- also make sure it has good ground. It is a distributor ignition, no spark coming out of the coil to the distributor but charge is going into the coil Our product offering ranges from 9hp to 77hp. The rotor has been checked or replaced - they often get tiny pinholes that short spark out to the rotor posthas the magneto been off the engine for bench testing? Our unique product offering, addresses a specific and valuable niche in the market place.